Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Miss Vivi uses the Potty

This is one of those personal blog posts you will see here from time to time. This is such a special image to me for several reasons and I felt compelled to share it.

The obvious one being that it shows Vivian using the potty. I was rather fearful to begin the potty training process with her because of her spirited (aka oppositional) nature. So when she pretty much took on the task herself I was utterly shocked. I should have known that she would not let me teach her- she would have to teach herself. After one full day of her complete and absolute refusal to sit on her Fisher Price princess potty I thought I had made the wrong choice to potty train her at 2 and 3 months. But the next morning she got out of bed, decided to sit on her potty and has only had a few accidents since. I am sure you can tell I am extremely proud of my little "bug." After just a few weeks she prefers to use the big girl (adult) potty and wipes herself too! (too much info, I know, but I had to add it!)

I am also proud of myself for really working on my black and white images. I take my professional development very seriously, so I am continuously challenging myself to learn new things and improve existing skills. With my black and white conversions, I don't just click a button or randomly pick images to change to black and white. I really think about which images would just be amazing in black and white, paying particular attention to contrast, depth, and the emotion conveyed when color is stripped from the image. I felt this image was a perfect candidate for black and white- creating a timeless feel.  So please, enjoy the one and only image in this post. I hope you find it special too.


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