Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Sophia, Vivian & Audrey- Claremont, Ca Children's Photographer

My last and final Spring portrait session of my own girls was to get a few pictures of all three of them...together...

Most of my photographer friends agree that capturing your own kids can often be the most difficult. This can be for a number of reasons- you are their mommy, and they don't really want to take a photographic direction from you; they reserve their true colors for you (which can result is just pain refusal to cooperate); and they are getting a little sick of being mommy's subjects!

Don't get me wrong, I love to capture my own kiddos- they are my absolute favorite subjects- but it can be a true challenge! For this reason, I only occasionally do formal portrait sessions (so they don't get burned out) and instead focus on capturing the special everyday moments. Nonetheless, I definitely wanted some Spring "memories" of my girls at this stage in their lives. 

So here are my pictures of my beautiful three girls. I just adore them...and love to highlight their individual beauty and personalities through my photography. So please, as always, enjoy!



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