Saturday, July 21, 2012

Vivian turns 3!!!

Tomorrow Vivian will turn three, and I wanted to post a few simple photo memories of Vivian. Three years ago today, I was already five days past my due date anxiously awaiting Vivian's arrival. We did not have air conditioning at the time, and in the heat of July I wondered if she would ever arrive (I should have known Vivian does things on her time!). I begged not to be induced but my doctors said it was a must if I went past a week. Luckily, after walking the Montclair Mall with my sister-in-law (outdoor walks were not happening), labor contractions began. Somehow I had a feeling things would go slowly- I even made my husband stop at Starbucks on our way to the hospital! And after a long 15 hours of labor, my stubborn Vivian arrived to this world. She keeps me on my toes but makes me laugh every single day. We all love and admire Vivi's wild spirit.  Happy 3rd birthday sweet girl!!!

 Just a few hours old

One Year


My beautiful three-year old!


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